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March 04, 2012

.: old bicycle in High Dynamic Range :.


Thanks to those who give me strength to work this out... btw, it just an ordinary editing, there's a lot of things that i have to learn about photo editing.. many more.. 

When the first time i'm using the Photoshop, i know nothing... every single button make me crazy to learn... it such a bullshit... but, many people talked, there's a gift in every person... they don't know what is it, but one day, you'll find what is the gift from the God for yourself... seriously, i've fallen in love with these things since the first time i work on Photoshop..

thank you Photoshop, Photomatix, Toshiba, AVF, Nikon, and all my fellow friends...
all of you give a new style in my life, teach me on how to survive, teach me on how to live with a colorful of life, the most i have to thank is to the creator of this universe, Allah S.W.T that give me life in this world..

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