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September 15, 2009

.: In relationship :.

bile hati da berdegup kencang....
tu tandenye ade org ketok..
klu die bg salam,
klu niat die baik,
insyallah hbngn yg terjalin
akan kekal bahagia..
jauhi maksiat,
jauhi prkara yg dekat dgn maksiat.
bile hbngn terjalin,
tak bermkne hanye ade 2 makhluk bersatu,
wujudnye makhluk yg ke3,
yg akn bwk kite ke dunia percintaan..
jd, hati2 la ye..
congrats to
Arif zakwan n Rabiatul Adawiyah..!!!
9 september 2009...


syazwan syamim said...

tahniah bro..
ak doa kn korg..
tggal ak sorg sngle dh skrg ni..

.ku-chinta allah. said...

akhir nye da jupe nenek..
pos nasik minyak! hehe

Anonymous said...

ngee~~;)luv u syg~~sgt2!♥

zakwan said...

syamim : haha thx2.. ala nnti ade la tu to ko
jgn rsau k bro..!!

padie : haha akhirnye.. heheh..
ye r.. nnti aku pos kn la..

zakwan said...

syg : i luv u too syg...
forever n ever... huhu...

syazwan syamim said...

korg mmg sweet..
jelez ak..
selamat la bro..
terbak utk ko..
trbek utk ak..
kte kn fmly..

zakwan said...

btol2... mim, ko jgn rsau r..
nnti ade la tu tok ko
ktorg doa kn to ko ea.
jgn rsau...
thx again...!!

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

Hi, it's a great blog.
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!

zakwan said...

olive tree : hi there.. thahks..!!!
i appreciate a lot..

Dkopsunintended@A.I.N said...

bro~ hey there~
haha~ congrats2.. =D
jge raby aku leklok tau~

p/s : sori 4 not introducing 1st,
btw, i'm raby's fren~
and another p/s, i think she has gotten really happy nowadays...
and i mean REALLY100000x happy..

afiqah said...

hey.both of u congratz yah!
hope ini serius lah ye.
n u zakwan.jage kwn i merangkap my fos sis tuh baik2.

atahsaat said...

buddy, best of luck dlm hubungan ni.
hope kekal smpai akhir hayat xD
xbole bla ayat.. huhu

zakwan said...

thx to korg2 sume ea...
i am very2 hepy rite now
n i want to share diz feeling
with her n all of u..
doa2 kn kitorg ea..
aku syg die.. huhu....
aku akn jge die cm aku jge diri aku sndiri
insyallah diz is a serious relation..
i'll make her smile all of her day..

Anonymous said...

yup2~doakn utk kami ye~~
semoge bekekalan~~
thnx alot for those wishes~
pe ag ek~~~~~
*i luv u muhammad arif zakwan!;)

shikin shariff said...

congratz to both of u..

zakwan said...

thx sheekin...
huhu.... cute x ktorg??

Anonymous said...

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